Tentacle Town

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Do you have what it takes to be the first Mayor of Tentacle Town?

Manage resources, build homes for the residents, and put them to work, all while fending off attacks by giant tentacles!

Tentacle Town is easy to learn and fun for the entire family, with enough optional Rules and Random Task Cards to keep the game fresh and full of new twists for even the most seasoned boardgamers.

Quick, dynamic and Fun! Tentacle Town is sure to hit your table again and again!

Tentacle Town Contains:

1 20 x 20" Game  Board

40 Wood Houses (10 of each player color)

20 Wood Residents

10 Rubber Tentacles

4 Tentacle Dice

1 Harpoon Die

1 Harpoon Spinner

4 Die Cut Token Sheets

12 Task Cards

1 Turn Reference Card

1 Rulebook


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