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Four DAYS LEFT to Back Tentacle Town on Kickstarter

Our successful campaign for Tentacle Town concludes at 3PM ET on Tuesday, September 10th. The residents of Tentacle Town need your help both defending this fledgling village from terrible tentacles and building a thriving township!

During the campaign our backers have unlocked some cool stretch goals and micro-expansions for the game, the first of which are the Dirty Deeds cards: a set ten combative tasks that direct residents to attack, steal from, and sabotage other players in your bid to become the town’s most famous hero.

The first micro-expansion for the game gives every player a Boat! Boats count as an additional building in the zone they are offshore from. On your turn, you can move your boat from district to district to take advantage of the extra building count for your tasks. However, when tentacles attack, the boat can be the first thing they destroy, so sail safely. 

Townscape Tokens are handy accessories that cover up areas of a district that aren’t in use when playing the game with less than four players. It’s a colorful way to ensure that all players are following Tentacle Town’s zany zoning laws and bonkers building codes.

Steve the Meeple - Tentacle Town's Coolest Resident

We’ve also add the dashing Steve the Meeple to game. Steve is the coolest guy in Tentacle Town, with his handsome mustache and stylish tropic shirt. Steve's special rules will keep players on their toes, will you get extra Fame for having Steve in your district or will losing Steve to a tentacle rob you of precious Fame?

We've also unlocked an entire free Opportunity expansion for every copy of the game. This deck of over-sized 3" x 4" cards adds new twists and strategies to the game adding to Tentacle Town’s replayability. When the game begins, shuffle them up and randomly pick a new rule for the game or combine multiple Opportunities for some truly twisted tentacle turmoil!

We’ve still got some more fun goals to unlock, so even if you’ve pledged, we could use your help. Spread the word and invite all of your friends, family and followers to join you in Tentacle Town! With only four days to go, make sure you pledge for Tentacle Town!

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