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Holiday Update!

Season’s Greetings Club Members!

First we’d like to share an update we just posted on the Monster Terrain Kickstarter!

We have more production photos to share before our holiday break. Production is ongoing and our overseas factory is already working on pledge packing. We are still on schedule to get Monster Terrain to you by our deadline!

This photo shows all of the freebie items that you could be receiving with your pledge. We are so excited with how paint jobs turned out. For example the original ladders were only painted and drybrushed, but our factory took the extra step to pick out all of the nails on the ladder rungs!

Every pledge of Skirmish and higher receives the Signpost, the Tree Stand (tree trunk not included, of course) and the Special Delivery assortment of scatter terrain. Adventure pledges add the Elemental Crystal, featuring a rock and a random blue or green crystal. Battle pledges will also include the Hidden Cave terrain piece!

Here’s a look at a Broken Ground set. Again, we were very happy with these paint jobs, especially the job on the skeleton.

Here’s a shot of the reverse side of the template, with the rocks in the set used to create an ancient ruin and sacrificial stone.

Here’s a better look at the Twilight and Blossoming Forest sets. These exotic tree colors will really pop on your tabletops!

This is the full Ladders, Crates, & Barrels add-on, including the treasure insert! Everyone who ordered this add-on will receive this pile of gold coins and other valuables that drops in the open side of long crate.

Finally, here is a good look at our first add-on, the Village Well. The detail on the roof shingles and the rope turned out great.

Work is also continuing on the production of Tentacle Town. Our factory is currently creating the tooling for the plastic and rubber components of the game, so actual game packing won’t start until after the New Year. That means there is still time to make a late pledge. Harpoons for the Holidays!

We’ve also working on some other projects. You’ve already seen us tease and talk about our line of miniatures for Cyberpunk RED; we are continuing to develop a comprehensive line to represent the diverse citizens of Night City in your RPG sessions. We also have a few other projects we’re working on that we’ll reveal soon!

Monster Fight Club will be hitting the road again next year, with some our first stops in March as we attend both Adepticon and Gary Con. We hope to see you at those shows. As we lock down our appearance schedule, we’ll share that with you as well.

We hope you all have a great holiday and get a chance to play games with your friends and family. Each game played with friends is a memory to be shared and a story to be told. All of them are precious. How many of you can still remember adventure sessions with childhood friends or pivotal tabletop battles with your mates? Take advantage of this holiday to create more of those memories. And soon, when your tables are full of Monster Scenery or a Monster Fight Club boardgame, make even more. We hope you’ll share them with us!

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