During the development of Monster Fight Club’s first boardgame, Tentacle Town, our game designers needed marauding tentacles to attack the town. Our fiendish digital sculptor designed five different tentacle poses for us to use, then our mad caster set about duplicating these twisting terrors in two terrific tones, green and purple.


While the actual game itself will not include hard resin tentacle game pieces, the use of these pieces in other settings was evident. So now, here in the Monster Lab, we present to you a random set of three tentacles in your choice of either green or purple resin. Use these writhing tentacles in your role-playing games to represent monster attacks or spell effects, or use them in miniature wargames to represent dangerous areas on the battlefield or as the appendages of some otherworldly beast. Tentacles – 1001 uses!


Each tentacle is about 1 inch wide at the base and just under 3 inches tall. Each set will contain three different tentacles chosen at random from the five different designs. Please indicate your preference for green or purple.


Please note that these pieces are hand-made and their colors will not always be uniform.

Tentacle Town prototype resin tentacles (Set of 3)

  • Tentacle Town Prototype Resin Tentacles Contains:

    Three Random Tentacle Models

  • Items in the Monster Lab are often prototypes or other type of exclusive product. We do not offer refunds on Monster Lab items, but if there is problem with your purchase, contact us at info@monsterfightclub.com with all of the grisly details.


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