Monster Scenery

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With your support, we reached our goal in just 3 hours, unlocked every stretch goal, and are excited to bring you Monster Scenery™.


Monster Scenery is a new line of game-ready tabletop terrain. Every plastic element is pre-painted and ready to use with your role-playing adventures and on wargames battlefields.

As long-time players of role-playing games and tabletop wargames, we love bringing our adventures and battles to life with awesome terrain pieces. That’s why we’ve created Monster Scenery - to quickly and easily fill our tables with amazing, pre-painted terrain with lots of functionality. With this successful Kickstarter, we are bringing this vision to you. 

We designed and tested the functionality of all of the basic elements of our Monster Scenery line – Trees, Hills, Rocks along with Bridges and Barricades and a Game Mat. Our goal is to be able to mass-produce these pieces and sets, providing gamers with the building blocks of a fantastic looking terrain collection. 

Monster Scenery Contest Winners

Congratulations to these contest winners

Cristiano D - Italy

 Amanda R – US


Each of them received a Battle Pledge of Monster Scenery.

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