Verdant Forest


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The Verdant Forest set contains three pre-painted Trees, each with green Canopies, a Stump, and a two-sided forest floor Template for use with games to require a defined border for woods.


There is one large tree trunk and two medium tree trunks, each with a removable tree canopy. A stump model finishes the set, adding some natural diversity to the copse of trees. Use the stump to mark a hidden location in an adventure or as a tactical objective in a battle.

The included template is made from thin, double-side neoprene. One side depicts a forest floor to set the trees upon. If your game doesn’t require you to use a template, it still looks great with the trees on top of it. The reverse side depicts a small pond, another natural feature for your tabletop setting. 

The large tree trunk is 5 ¼ inches high and the medium tree trunks are just under 5 inches high. The large crown of leaves is 3 ½ inches tall and just over 4 ½ inches wide while the medium canopies are 3 ½ inches tall and 4 inches wide. The trees and stump are made from durable plastic and come pre-painted, ready to go right out of the box.

Verdant Forest Contains:

1 Large Tree Trunk

2 Medium Tree Trunks

1 Large Tree Leaf Canopy

2 Medium Tree Leaf Canopies

1 Tree Stump

1 Double-side Area Template


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