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Monster Scenery™ is our line of game-ready tabletop terrain.  Every plastic

element comes pre-painted, ready to use in wargaming battlefields and

role-playing adventures.

As long-time players of role-playing games and tabletop wargames, we love

bringing our adventures and battles to life with high-quality terrain.  We created

Monster Scenery™ to quickly and easily fill our tables with amazing, pre-painted

terrain with tonnes of functionality.


“...pre-painted, ready to use...”

FROM TOP TO BOTTOM - We carefully designed and tested our entire range of

scenery - Trees, Hills, Broken Ground, Bushes, Bridges and Barricades - to not only work out of the box, but to mix together easily.  In addition to our plastic scenery sets, we have also created double-sided neoprene game mats so your terrain will have an environment to feel at home in.  

We are excited to bring quality and detail to your table, and we are looking
forward to adding more scenery in the future.  Check out our gallery below for

more great views of our scenery in action,  and follow our Newsletter for all the

latest Monster Fight Club™ and Monster Scenery™ information.