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Introducing Monster Fight Club's new range of icy, wintery tabletop scenery:

 Monster Scenery: Ice Wilds™


Explore the frozen northlands with the new 

Monster Scenery: Ice Wilds game-ready scenery!

The first Monster Scenery Kickstarter campaign introduced our core range of trees and hills that quickly and easily fill tables with an impressive pre-painted landscape.  


Ice Wilds expands the Monster Scenery range, exploring new winter biomes with the addition of Pine Trees, Ice Hills, Glacial Game Mats, and much more!

KS04 Winter Table Small_More Bleed.png

Ice Wilds introduces all-new pine tree sets that push the innovation of the original Monster Scenery Trees up a few notches. The new pine trees have four different sizes of tree tops that can be stacked, mixed, and matched to make impressively tall trees!


These new sets will be available through Kickstarter first. Kickstarter backers will also get all the unlocked, free stretch goals with their sets.


Along with the all-new Pine Trees, we’ve also given our popular rocky hills the winter treatment, with three new styles of Ice Hills! You can choose from snowy ice hills, glacial ice, or frosted ice.


The clear ice is a really neat effect - the hills are made from a transparent blue plastic that looks great on the tabletop. And like the original rocky hills, these are hollow - which means you can “freeze” miniatures and objectives in the ice!


We had a great campaign run, and if you were a backer, thank you! 

For more images, visit our Monster Scenery: Ice Wilds gallery!

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