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Combat Zone - Objectives

In Cyberpunk Red: Combat Zone you will have some unique faction objectives in addition to the scenario objectives, and today we are going to discuss them!

Your faction objectives do not actually affect whether you win or lose – that is purely the realm of the scenario (which we will cover in a future article), but they can still have a big impact on the game! At the start of the game, each player draws four faction objectives from their supply, looks at them, and discards one leaving each player with three objectives for the game. This allows you to get rid of an objective you think may be too difficult in this scenario or one you just consider less important. The three objectives that remain are secret, so your opponent does not know exactly what you are up to. When you accomplish one, flip it face up and gain its rewards!

If you accomplish this objective by taking out a rival with a Loot card, simply show your opponent, flip it face up, and now you have the reward! Anytime you have control you can exhaust it to get some free movement in, and you get that benefit this game. (Objectives refresh when you inspire your team).

The best thing about objectives is that they carry over from game to game while playing a campaign. So, some objectives are accomplished at the end of a game and only affect following games.

If you accomplish this objective, you don’t get anything this game, but you will get to bring extra EB to the table in following games. Also, notice the Street Cred star in the corner? This objective raises your team’s Street Cred by 1, giving you access to more Gear and Programs as discussed in our last article.

In this way objectives are a major part of how your team grows and changes over the course of the campaign. They give you a fun side-quest to secretly accomplish in any individual game but, add them up over the course of a campaign, and they become a major part or your gang’s fight over the Combat Zone.

Objectives are also a great way to reinforce the theme behind individual gangs, since they are faction-specific. Notice how the Gen Red objectives are Loot-focused? That is one of the faction themes of Gen Red, and the faction objectives reflect that. And other objectives are just fun, like tagging buildings with graffiti.

Objectives are a major part of Cyberpunk Red: Combat Zone whether you are trying to take out a rival who knows too much or just spraying gang signs on your opponent’s turf, and they have a major impact as your team grows in power and influence!

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