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Combat Zone - Scenarios

Your team and equipment are essential to any game of Cyberpunk Red: Combat Zone, but what is the point of a team with nothing to fight over? That is exactly what scenarios provide. Every scenario gives you a brand-new experience with different goals, special rules, and excitement to be had in the Zone, so let’s take a look!

Each scenario comes on a card, making it easy to randomly determine one to play: just draw a card! The card is divided into four main sections: setup, special rules, the win, and consequences. Setup is exactly that, it tells you how to setup the board and any special terrain you might use. Setup also lets you know how to determine attacker and defender. Special rules may contain anything from rules for fighting at night to how to deal with police snipers hunting you while you scrap it out. The win tells you how to win.

In every scenario one team is the attacker while the other is the defender and each may have different win conditions! And, of course, consequences let you know what happens after the game (this is important when playing a full campaign).

There are twelve basic scenarios. This gives you a wide variety of scenarios to choose from for your games. Some of these scenarios are symmetric while others are asymmetric. In a symmetric scenario the attacker and defender have the same win condition.

Take the above Data Sweep as an example. Regardless of whether you are the attacker or defender, you are trying to grab the same objectives. These scenarios are fantastic because they force conflict as you compete for the same goals. They are also inherently balanced so they are better for things such as tournament play. Of course, asymmetric scenarios have their place too.

Asymmetric scenarios are scenarios where the attacker and defender have different win conditions. In these scenarios conflict is driven by the two teams having completely opposed goals. For example, in Heist, the attacker needs to unlock the terminals which the defender is positioned around, forcing them to engage the defender while the defender tries to take out as many attackers as possible. It is possible one team may have a slight edge (for example, a faster team will work better as the attacker) so these are not as ideal for tournament play, but the flavorful story and narrative experience make them amazing for campaigns. By having both symmetric and asymmetric scenarios, the twelve basic scenarios provide a wide range of play where there is something for everyone.

Of course, there are also the Prove Your Worth scenarios. Every faction has one Prove Your Worth scenario, only played in a campaign when they have reached ten or more street cred. Once a team has ten street cred they can play their specific scenario. If they win, they win the campaign. But, as in all final tests, things are weighted against them. It should not be easy to come out on top in the Zone!

Note that the defender gets additional EB and multiple routes to victory. If the Lawmen want to reign supreme in the Zone, they have an uphill battle! But it is one that is totally unique to them.

Scenarios are an integral part of any miniature game, and they provide a great deal of challenge and flavor in Cyberpunk Red: Combat Zone.

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