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Cyberpunk Miniatures & Monster Scenery Pre-Releases

Updated: May 23, 2020

To celebrate the long weekend, we’re releasing THREE new Cyberpunk RED miniature sets!

This weekend, you can order our most asked-for detective model, a set of new Law Enforcers, AND a set of Street Scum!

The Street Scum Set comes with five miniatures ready to make trouble. Armed with a variety of weaponry, this is the crowd your parents didn’t want you hanging out with… This versatile set of miniatures is great for telling stories of unruly protesters, criminal gangs, or local street criminals.

The detective comes with a grim expression and a face-down casualty model.

Is that body lying on the ground a dead criminal? An unconscious victim? A stim-stunned party-goer? It's your story to tell!

The Law Enforcers set comes with five heavily armed and armored miniatures, perfect for representing S.W.A.T. and riot control teams.

All these sets are entering production now and will be ready to ship in late June. These are all being produced in our facility in Virginia. Orders placed this weekend will ship earlier, in the first wave of shipments. Orders placed after Monday will ship after we’ve fulfilled all Memorial Day weekend orders.

To top it all off, we’re also taking orders for more of our Monster Scenery Sets, including more colors of the pre-painted hills, trees, broken ground, and more! If you were waiting for the tan hills, tan rocks, and orange autumn forest, you can order those today! These will be shipping out later in June.

As before, shipping is free on orders over $100, within the 48 contiguous US States!

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