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Explore the New Ice Wilds Scenery!

Monster Fight Club is embarking on an Arctic Adventure! The new Ice Wilds Kickstarter expands Monster Scenery northward, with icy hills, snowy terrain, and all-new Pine trees!

Ice Wilds introduces all-new pine tree sets that push the innovation of the original Monster Scenery Trees up a few notches. The new pine trees have four different sizes of tree tops that can be stacked, mixed, and matched to make impressively tall trees!

These new sets will be available through Kickstarter first. Kickstarter backers will also get all the unlocked, free stretch goals with their sets.

Like the original trees, every piece of the new pines can also be used on its own, so you get a ton of value and variety from the ten pieces that come in every set! The pine trees are available in three different styles: evergreen, blighted brown, and winter white.

Along with the all-new Pine Trees, we’ve also given our popular rocky hills the winter treatment, with three new styles of Ice Hills! You can choose from snowy ice hills, glacial ice, or frosted ice.

The clear ice is a really neat effect - the hills are made from a transparent blue plastic that looks great on the tabletop. And like the original rocky hills, these are hollow - which means you can “freeze” miniatures and objectives in the ice!

Come check out the launch of the campaign - we have lots of great stretch goals planned and we’d be delighted to have you join us on our arctic adventures!

Check out the campaign now!

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