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Gen Con!

Monster Fight Club is going to Gen Con! Our friends at Catalyst Games Lab will be sharing their booth space with us at the show. Come by, say hi and check out what we’ve been working on in the clubhouse.

We’ll have a display of prototypes of our Monster Scenery, so you can see it all in person. Hot off our successfully funded Kickstarter campaign, Gen Con will be your last chance to lock in a late pledge and get your hands on some the limited colors of rocks and trees.

Gen Con attendees will be among the first to visit Tentacle Town! Tentacle Town is a beautiful place to live and work, if it only it weren’t for all of those darn tentacles! Brave the waters, build the town, and face the beast!* Come by and try a demo game of Monster Fight Club’s inaugural board game Tentacle Town, before it comes to Kickstarter later in August.

You can also get your first look at Monster Fight Club’s new line of miniatures for R. Talsorian Games’ Cyberpunk RPG. These amazing models are ready to face whatever dangers await them on the streets of the dark future.

Not everything will be dark and dangerous; Monster Fight Club will be showing off its softer side with our forthcoming line of Monster Plush. Check out our prototype samples at the show and be prepared to submit to the cuteness!

We’ll have a few more surprises on hand as well, so come by and join the Club!

*or are there multiple beasts, those are a LOT of tentacles out there?!

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