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Gen Con Online Wrap-Up

One of the touchstones of the gaming year is Gen Con. We get special projects ready to show, we get games ready to play, and we get excited to see everyone again! This year we were all hunkered down at home - but we still got to show off some fantastic new stuff online!

First up was the new “Press Conference” Cyberpunk Red Miniature Set! 2 Rockerboys, 2 Media Reporters, and 1 Corporate Exec give you everything you need to stage a high-profile encounter with influential NPCs! Each miniature also makes a great playable character - check out that Keytar!

Next up we revealed a new addition to our Monster Scenery range: the new Crystal-Clear Pond.

We've developed a new effect where full-color details wrap around a clear, glassy surface.

This is one we were really hoping to show off in person, because the effect is terrific. The dirt and lily pads are on top of the pond’s surface, with the bottom of the pond underneath the clear plastic. The effect of depth, combined with the smooth surface creates an impressive, realistic appearance. Check out the reflection of the rocks on the water:

Our final Gen Con surprise was the announcement of our next release, Monster Scenery: Ice Wilds! The new Ice Wilds scenery will be coming to Kickstarter soon!

We're adding evergreen trees, ice hills, and much more in this wintry expansion.

More info coming soon!

We can't wait to see everyone in person next year!

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