• Monster Fight Club

Hi! I’m Russell and these are our Kickstarter Plans.

Monster Fight Club™ introduces Russell, the mascot and logo for our new line of Monster Terrain™ for role-playing and miniature wargaming. You’ve seen us teasing the launch of the Monster Terrain at events such Gary Con and AdeptiCon as well as on our social media feeds (you are following us, right?). Monster Terrain will be a line of affordable, pre-painted plastic terrain elements to enhance your role-playing adventures and cover your miniature wargames battlefields. Look for Russell when our Kickstarter for Monster Terrain launches later this month (more details to come).

We’ve also been hard at work preparing to launch our first boardgame, Tentacle Town, on Kickstarter. In order to ensure that the Monster Terrain line has plenty of production time to meet our goals, we’ve decided to launch the Monster Terrain Kickstarter campaign BEFORE we launch our campaign for Tentacle Town. Our campaign for Tentacle Town will begin shortly after our Monster Terrain campaign concludes. We’re excited about both of these campaigns and we can’t wait to share them both with you!

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