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It was never safe to go back in the water…

Updated: Aug 20, 2019

Tentacle Town - a twisted take on a worker placement game.

This weekend at New York Toy Fair, Monster Fight Club unveils its first new boardgame, Tentacle Town!

In Tentacle Town, you’ve arrived on the distant shores of an unsettled land, but the waters surrounding your new home are teeming with giant tentacles! Gather your wits and ready your harpoons as you compete to become Mayor of Tentacle Town. Recruit new citizens, build up the town, and defend against the terrible tentacles. Your activity in Tentacle Town will provoke them to lash, destroy buildings, and snatch workers - ruining your lovely beachfront town!

Tentacle Town is Monster Fight Club’s twisted take on a worker placement game. Look for more news from Tentacle Town soon, and get ready to harpoon some tentacles and feast on fresh calamari when Tentacle Town debuts later this year.

You're gonna need a bigger harpoon!

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