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Introducing Monster Scenery: Metropolis!

First we reimagined wargaming trees, now we're reinventing buildings!

Monster Scenery: Metropolis is full range of modular, stacking, city buildings -- plus all the details your city needs: fire escapes, ladders, cargo, bus stops, fences, and more! From historical battles to super-powered adventures, these new buildings are a fast and easy way to take your games to new heights!

Epic City Tables

Have you wanted to play on the amazing city tables you’ve seen in conventions and magazines? Now you can fight epic, urban battles among skyscrapers, apartment blocks, and industrial warehouses. Each building combines sculpted, 3D details with full color, UV-printed, hardboard walls.

Endless Combinations

There’s no paper or cardboard here – the buildings are durable and sturdy enough to create towering skyscrapers! This unique system allows you to mix and match components in endless combinations. When your game’s over, you can quickly and easily pack your city away.

Launching June 18th

Monster Scenery: Metropolis is going to be our next Kickstarter, launching June 18th. You can follow us on Kickstarter and Facebook, or sign up for our newsletter to get all the updates on this exciting new project!

We'll see you in Monster Metropolis - June 18th!

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