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Monster Fight Club's 1st Anniversary!

Happy Halloween Monster Fight Club Members!

It’s been an exciting first year since we founded Monster Fight Club. We’re proud of everything we’ve accomplished so far and we’re really excited about what’s in the works for 2020!

From the beginning, we wanted to make pre-painted scenery that was playable, innovative, and affordable. In the spring, we introduced a whole new type of tabletop trees to the gaming world with our successful Monster Scenery Kickstarter. Along with some very cool rocks, game mats, and other terrain, Monster Scenery will make it easy to set up a great-looking table for role-playing game encounters or miniature wargames.

We’ve just gotten back the first factory samples and they look great! We’re on track to deliver everyone’s scenery by our estimated March ship date. After that, you’ll be able to find pre-painted Monster Scenery in your local game shop too!

In the summer, we followed Monster Scenery with another successful Kickstarter: Tentacle Town!  We’re so excited to have people start playing Tentacle Town – it’s a really fun mix of town-building and giant tentacle attacks!

If you’ve seen us at a convention or follow us on Instagram, you might have seen the previews of our next two big projects: Cyberpunk Red miniatures and Monster Plush!

In cooperation with R.Talsorian Games, we’re releasing a full range of Cyberpunk models for use with the newest version of the genre-defining RPG: Cyberpunk Red.  From rockers to techs, execs to boostergangers, you’ll have all the minis you need to populate your games of Cyberpunk Red.

Keep scanning the screamsheets for more info on our new line of Cyberpunk miniatures.

Concept Sketches and Production Samples of Monster Plush

We also have a range of the cuddliest little monsters you’ve ever seen coming: Monster Plush! These adorable beasties are too cute not to collect! The first batch of critters will be available soon – keep your eyes out for more news on these beasties!

Whew – that’s just the first year. We’ve doubled our staff since day one and have a lot more cool projects in the works!

Thanks for being part of Monster Fight Club!

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