Monster Paint Club: Cyberpunk Lawman

Updated: Jan 22, 2021

Follow along with this simple guide to get your Cyberpunk Lawman miniature ready for action! This easy step by step process is achievable even for a novice painter. Grab your tools, and come along!

Attaching Your Miniature:

Monster Fight Club plastic bases need the holes drilled out before the figure can be glued into place. You will need a few tools to help:

Due to the production process, there is a fine split-line running around the figure. This can easily be cleaned up with a sharp craft blade.

On the base, you'll need to open up two holes for the mini's feet. You can use a 3mm drill bit or the tip of a sharp hobby blade to hollow out the holes. Tip: Try lining up the mini on the flipside of the base to easily locate which fittings need to be used.

To help the process, you can make 1mm pilot hole before the 3mm drill bit.

Apply superglue around the sides of both foot pegs, and attach the mini.

Holding the Miniature while painting:

It's best to attach your miniature to a holder of some kind while you work to minimize smudging, and make the figure easy to manage. There are a few expensive miniature holders out there on the market, but a simple cork and BlueTac works too!

Vallejo Primers offer 3 colors specifically designed for plastic miniatures. Here, we've used the primer in gray. Always follow manufacturer's guidelines for best results.

All ready for painting!

Using grey primer picks out any parts that have missed being cleaned up.

Base-Coat & Drybrushing:

As the overall model is dark colors, a thin coat of black paint is applied over the whole miniature.

The idea is to highlight the raised surfaces by applying a very small amount of paint on a large cheap brush slightly lighter than the base color. Load the brush, then wipe all the excess paint away on a lint-free cloth, until there is no paint showing. Drag your brush across the model and all the details will show up.

Drybrushing the model with a dark grey picks out all the details.

Filling Out the Rest:

Next, picking out the blue uniform with black will give the area a border to work within.

Follow the geometry of the armor, carefully add highlights to help define the shape.

Following the sculpt, add creases in a lighter color to give the uniform depth.

Metallic accents are added to appropriate accessories to make the details pop.

Finally, a gloss varnish on the helmet visor creates a more realistic texture.

And that's it! With just a few simple colors you've created a convincing Lawman, ready for the tabletop.

If you feel you've mastered these steps, or you're a more experienced painter looking to enhance your rendering past the basics, try adding another layer of highlights. A few lines of green to the helmet give the visor a cybernetic touch, and some of the edges of the lawman's armor can be emphasized with some carefully painted lines.

How did your lawman turn out? Did you follow along, or put your own spin on things?

Tag us in your pictures on social media and use the hashtag #monsterpaintclub. We can't wait to see what you create!

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