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Tentacle Town Kickstarter ends today!

We're in the final 24 hours of the Tentacle Town campaign and it's been a lot of fun! We're excited for everyone else to start playing Tentacle Town too. Thanks for all your feedback, comments, and support!


Our Kickstarter backers have already unlocked a bunch of fun additions for your game:

Free Tentacle Town Opportunities Expansion

Boats Micro-Expansion

Steve the Meeple! x2!!

Dirty Deeds Task Cards: new combative, engaging actions to add to your deck of Task cards

BoardGameGeek Social Goals: two free game-themed Task Cards - become a Fan to unlock more!

Townscape Tokens: Kickstarter Exclusive for games with 2 or 3 players

To top it all off, all game pledges also get $5 in Tentacle Bucks - you can use this credit for anything you'd like in the pledge manager: shipping, deluxe upgrades, or add-ons!

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