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Virtual Vendor Booth

Updated: Apr 24, 2020

Join Monster Fight Club online on March 26th at Noon EDT as we open our Virtual Vendor Booth on our website!

The MFC team had planned to unveil and sell some exclusive releases at AdeptiCon and Gary Con. With both of those events cancelled, we are moving all of those releases online for this special event – as well as adding a few more items!

Cyberpunk RED Miniatures Debut

For weeks you’ve seen previews of the amazing miniatures we’ve been working on for R. Talsorian’s Cyberpunk RED RPG. At our Virtual Vendor Booth, you’ll get first crack at purchasing pre-releases of both Jumpstart Miniature Sets AND a special, exclusive “Monster Team” set of Cyberpunk miniatures.

Both Jumpstart Sets contains five highly-detailed plastic models, perfect to represent your Cyberpunk characters on the tabletop. The Monster Team set contains five unique character models, including Matthew Lillard’s Cereal-Killer, Luke Gygax’s Lucky, and Noura Ibrahim’s Nox Arya.

The Monster Team are all characters featured in a Gary Con Cyberpunk RED game, run by Cyberpunk creator Mike Pondsmith! While that game can’t be played in person at the Con, it will be played online as part of the Virtual Gary Con at

Monster Scenery Available

We will have a very limited number of Monster Scenery sets for sale at our Virtual Vendor Booth too! Monster Scenery is the fantastic pre-painted plastic terrain that was funded by our successful Kickstarter campaign last year. Due to delays resulting from outbreak precautions, the retail release of Monster Scenery won’t be until late April. This is your chance to get some of these terrain sets early, but there are only a very limited number available for this event. Be sure to get them early!

We’ll also have a few other surprises available during the weekend. All US orders over $100 will be shipped for free.

We hope you’re safe and sound during this unprecedented time and we hope you’ll join us on March 26th for our Virtual Vendor Booth at

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