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Virtual Vendor Booth is open!

Updated: Apr 9, 2020

We had planned to set up some monstrously cool tables full of scenery and AdeptiCon and Gary Con this weekend – but with both conventions cancelled, we’re staying put. But that doesn’t mean the scenery has to!

We've made a very limited number of Monster Scenery sets available here on our webstore. These are the same pre-painted sets that were part of our Kickstarter last year. Some folks in Europe have already received their pledges and have been giving them rave reviews. US pledges are (hopefully) shipping soon.

Here’s what backer Burnett had to say: “I just received my Kickstarter order. It is FREAKING EPIC! I am a very, very happy little gamer. Well done guys. Great sculpts, really practical designs, robust material and excellent paint jobs to finish everything off. Even the packaging was of a really high standard. Colour me impressed.”

If that wasn’t enough, we’re also going to be making our new range of Cyberpunk RED miniatures available for this first time ever, also in limited quantities. You can order two different Jumpstart sets, plus a special convention-only set. Each Jumpstart set comes with five character miniatures, covering all the character classes from the Cyberpunk RED Jumpstart rules. The convention special set is something we put together for a game of Cyberpunk run by Mr. Cyberpunk himself, Mike Pondsmith. The game was going to be run at Gary Con, but it’s moved online. You can check out the stream Friday on And you can order a really cool set of five miniatures based on characters from the game too!

If you have any questions, hit us up on Facebook:

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