Welcome to the Dark Future, the time of the RED, Here, Megacorps have ravaged civilization and you do what you must to survive. Are you ready to plug in and fight?


The legendary Netrunner known as "Cereal-Killer" roams the CitiNets and DataPools, hacking the most secure systems and creating chaos in his wake. When the MegaCorps hired guns track him down, he's ready to make his escape with his cyberskate implants.


This model is made from durable plastic and includes a plastic base.


This character figure is from the Gary Con XII Cyberpunk RED streaming event. Cereal-Killer is the character played by Beadle & Grimm's Matthew Lillard.


This miniature is also included in the Team Monster Set.


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Cyberpunk RED - Cereal-Killer Miniature

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