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Tame your wild Forests and Hills with the Ladder, Crates, & Barrels assortment. This accessory pack contains three (3) Ladders which are 2 inches, 3 inches, and 4 inches long respectively. One Barrel is about ¾ of an inch tall and the other a full inch. The Crates are both an inch tall; with the one crate being a square inch all around and the long crate is 2 inches long. The set also includes a bonus treasure insert that can fit inside ofthe long crate when its flipped upsaide-down.


The long crate is also compatable with the Mimic miniature found in the Ransom Vs. The Mimic set.


All of the pieces are pre-painted resin.


NOTE: Kickstarter Exclusive product sold without retail packaging 

Ladders, Crates & Barrels

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