Do you have what it takes to be the first Mayor of Tentacle Town?


Tentacle Town's residents need you to manage resources, build homes, and put them to work, all while fending off attacks by giant tentacles!


On your turn, you will place a new resident in one Tentacle Town’s three districts and have them construct a building or complete a task. If you have enough gold, you can play a resident overtime to complete different additional tasks. The more buildings you have in a district, the more profitable some of your tasks there become. But beware, the waters surrounding Tentacle Town are teeming with angry tentacles drawn to your shores by all of this activity! At the end of each turn, a new tentacle appears in the coastal waters and it may attack a resident, destroy a building, scare residents away or even spawn more tentacles. Only a well-thrown harpoon can take a tentacle down (and create some yummy calamari to boot) and increase your fame. The player with the most fame once all of the town’s residents are put to work wins the game and is elected the town’s mayor!​


The Deluxe Edition upgrades game components, replacing cardboard tokens with rubber pieces of calamari, metal coins, metal ore pieces, wood harpoons, and wood fame stars.


Tentacle Town is easy to learn and fun for the entire family, with enough optional rules and random task cards to keep the game fresh and full of new twists for even the most seasoned board gamers. In addition, the first print run of the game also includes the Opportunity Cards micro expansion along with optional boat game pieces, Steve the Meeple, and special tiles to cover up unused areas in 2 or 3 player games!


Quick, dynamic, and Fun! Tentacle Town is sure to hit your table again and again!

Tentacle Town Deluxe Edition

SKU: 50001
  • Tentacle Town Contains:

    1 20 x 20" Game  Board

    40 Wood Houses (10 of each player color)

    20 Wood Residents

    10 Rubber Tentacles

    4 Tentacle Dice

    1 Harpoon Die

    1 Harpoon Spinner

    4 Die Cut Token Sheets

    12 Task Cards

    1 Turn Reference Card

    1 Rulebook


    1st Printing Exclusives:

    2 & 3 Player Game Aids

    Opportunity Cards (Optional Rules)

    4 Wood Boats (1 of each player color)

    2 Wood Residents w/ Steve the Meeple Customization Stickers


    Deluxe Edition Pieces:

    40 Rubber Calamari

    20 Metal Coins

    20 Metal Ore

    20 Wood Harpoon

    20 Fame Stars

    10 Large Fame Stars