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Monster Fight Club Miniatures

We’re excited about our new range of miniatures and hope you are too! MFC miniatures are made from durable plastic, with a little flex to protect them during transport and gaming. It’s a little different than other plastic miniatures you may have. Here are a few tips to get you started!

assembly & Modeling

You’ll need to use super glue to assemble multi-part models and glue models to their bases. Polystyrene plastic glue doesn’t work. 

To remove any flashing or mold lines, use a sharp hobby knife. You can scrape the mold lines or cut them off. Using a file (as you might with metal miniatures) won’t work well.

Your MFC miniatures have basing pegs under each foot.


Their bases have four possible holes, which you can see under the base.


You can easily test which are the correct ones by fitting your miniature to the base upside down, as pictured here. Each figure will only fit one pair of holes. 



You’ll need to use a sharp hobby knife (carefully!) or a hobby drill to hollow out the correct two holes for each miniature.


You can also cut off the pegs if you want to glue the figure’s feet flat to a base. Careful with this though – the pegs add stability to the figure. 

Alternately, you can use a hobby drill with a 3mm bit to hollow out the holes. We don’t recommend a power drill – it’s too easy for the drill to remove too much material.

If you want to add texture to your bases, we recommend clear “Gorilla Glue.”  White Glue (like Elmer’s) works fine too.

3mm drill bit.JPG

painting & Priming

Make sure to prime your models before painting them!


There are lots of great hobby-shop primers out there. Vallejo, Army Painter, Citadel, etc. are all good, or you can use primer from your local hardware store. In the US, we like Rust-Oleum’s “2X Ultracover Paint+Primer.” 

Airbrush primers also work well and can be brushed on if you don’t have an airbrush. Airbrush primers are great if it’s raining, humid, cold, or you don’t have a good spot to spray-paint outdoors. Vallejo’s Airbrush "Surface Primer" and Badger’s “Stynylrez” primers are both good.

The slight flexibility of MFC minis makes them a great match for acrylic paints, which are also very flexible. Most brands of hobby paints are acrylic (Citadel, Vallejo Model and Game Color, Secret Weapon, Formula P3, etc). Anything you can wash off with water is acrylic.
If you’re using textured paints on your bases, we recommend applying them after priming the base. The textured paint sticks better to primer than bare plastic.

Vallejo Primers.jpg
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